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RCL provides new-bike sales, maintenance, service and storage for recumbent cycles of all types and styles at our bicycle shop in Lancaster, PA. Two-wheeled models. Classic three-wheeled models. Quads. Models specially designed for adaptive, hand-powered riding. You name it, chances are we’ve got it. Or we can get it. We’re your one stop bike shop for the biggest brands and the most popular models. We also stock accessories for all of the above.

Man and woman riding recumbent cyclesYoung, young at heart, new to recumbent cycling, an old hand at riding bent, it doesn’t matter. We have a comfortable, safe, stable and flat-out fun cycles to meet your specific needs. Find your perfect recumbent bike, right here in Lancaster, PA.

Recumbent Cycles

  • Two-wheel
  • Three-wheel; tricycle, high gear
  • Adaptive tricycle – hand/foot pedal; youth/adult
  • Adaptive quad wheel – hand/foot pedal; youth/adult
  • Advanced mobility cycles for adaptive needs

Riding Styles

  • Above Seat Steering Recumbent

    Above-Seat Steering

    With “bicycle-style” handlebars

  • Catrike Expedition

    Under-Seat Steering

    With handlebars positioned on the sides

Core Product Lines



Hase Bikes

  • Kettwiesel Evo
  • Kettwiesel Kross
  • Lepus
  • Pino
  • Pino Porter
  • Roller Bag
  • Suspension
  • HASE Bikes Web Site

RANS logo

HPV logo

  • Scorpion FS 26
  • Scorpion FS 26 Power Assist
  • Gekko FX 26
  • HPV Web Site

Top End Logo

Berkel Bike Logo

Freedom Ryder Logo

ElliptiGO Logo

Van Raam Logo

Petra Banner

Day 6 Logo

Burley Logo

Alpaca Carrier Systems

Easy Load Ramp

Nutcase Helmets Logo

Grin Technologies

Undercover Canopies

  • Custom Made Trike Canopies


  • Computers: Mileage/Cadence/Speed
  • Chain Guards
  • Helmets
  • Water Bottles
  • Saddle Bags
  • Seat Extenders
  • Gauges and Activity Monitors
  • Flags and Reflectors
  • Lights
  • Motors
  • Automotive Bike Rack
  • Adaptive Fittings and Aids

Are Bents Easy To Ride?

Smiling woman riding recumbent bike on trailAs with any ride, it’s as easy as falling off a bike. Just kidding. Recumbent cycles do engage your muscles in a slightly different manner than an upright bike so they’ll take some time to adapt and “train” for the bent. But with a lower center of gravity and greater stability – and with the comfort and added stability of a full seat and back rest – you’ll find getting used to your new recumbent ride to be a breeze. You’ll be able to ride longer and will find you won’t experience any of the numbness that often comes with long rides on upright bikes.

See What We Have In Store!

Come by the bicycle shop in Lancaster, PA for a visit and try one out for yourself. With our indoor fitting area and big outdoor lot, we’ll have you riding in no time flat.